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Van Der Graaf Generator box

donderdag 10 juni 2021

Van Der Graaf Generator box

'The Charisma Years Box' comprising 17 CDs and 3 Blu Ray discs - covers Van Der Graaf Generator's entire recorded works for Charisma Records, including previously unreleased tracks and previously unreleased footage. And brand new Stereo and Surround Sound remixes.

Also featured - 2 CDs of a recently discovered and previously unreleased entire concert recorded in Paris in December 1976 by French radio, and all of the surviving BBC sessions recorded by the band.


In addition - a Blu Ray features all of the surviving high-quality VDGG television footage and promotional films including from German TV's "Beat Club" in 1970, a filmed appearance at The Bataclan in Paris in 1972 for the French TV show "Pop Deux", the 1972 appearance on "Pop Shop" for RTBF Belgium, a live performance shot by Belgian TV in Charleroi in September 1975, promotional films of Wondering and Cat's Eye, and a 20 minute documentary with live footage shot by Austrian television at The Kohfidisch Open Air Festival, Austria in June 1978.


Remixes - the albums H to He Who Am the Only One, Pawn Hearts, Godbluff and Still Life have been stunningly remixed from the original multi-track tapes in both Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound by Stephen W Tayler. (These 4 albums will also be made available separately as 3-disc Sets, including Original Stereo Mixes.)




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maandag 11 juli 2022

Toto - 013, Tilburg


maandag 11 juli 2022 - 20:00

013, Tilburg

dinsdag 12 juli 2022

Toto - 013, Tilburg


dinsdag 12 juli 2022 - 20:00

013, Tilburg

vrijdag 15 juli 2022

Toto - Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam


vrijdag 15 juli 2022 - 20:00

Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam

zaterdag 30 juli 2022

Hällas - Melkweg, Amsterdam


zaterdag 30 juli 2022 - 20:00

Melkweg, Amsterdam

vrijdag 12 augustus 2022

Maybeshewill - Patronaat, Haarlem


vrijdag 12 augustus 2022 - 20:00

Patronaat, Haarlem

zaterdag 20 augustus 2022

Lifesigns - Cultuurpodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer


zaterdag 20 augustus 2022 - 20:00

Cultuurpodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer

vrijdag 2 september 2022

The Rushians - Cacaofabriek, Helmond

The Rushians

Voorprogramma: Another Journey

vrijdag 2 september 2022 - 20:00

Cacaofabriek, Helmond

zaterdag 3 september 2022

The Paradox Twin - Cultuurpodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer

The Paradox Twin

Voorprogramma: Esthesis

zaterdag 3 september 2022 - 20:00

Cultuurpodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer

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