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Nieuw album Soup op komst

donderdag 23 september 2021

Nieuw album Soup op komst

Soup Announce The Release Of Their New Album:  Visions

If Godspeed You! Black Emperor ventured into jazz, hired Richard Wright as producer, mixed it down to cassette by a stressed-out Brian Eno:

The new Soup album would pretty much be it.

Produced by the band themselves and aiming to counter the ongoing battle for loudness and Hi-Fi, you can expect a quite different sounding album.

The album will be released in two different exquisitely coloured vinyl versions and a 3-panel digisleeve.

Once again the band's long-time collaborator Lasse Hoile is behind the stunning cover photos. The album's artwork continues the visual story from Soup's albums Children Of E.L.B., The Beauty of our Youth, Remedies and Live Cuts.

The vinyl editions have been catered to everyone who appreciate the one true format for licking the cosmic cat mother's magic milk bowl of sonic landscapes and elaborate over-the-top packaging! The most exclusive version LTD of the vinyl will hold an extra 12'', with extra songs. On top, there will be a very limited vinyl version (only available in the band's and the labels' webstores).

Visions will be out November 19th. Melancholic, intimate and brutal.

Labels: Crispin Glover Records, Glassville Records

For fans of: Pink Floyd, Mogwai, GYBE, Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens, Vangelis, Beethoven



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vrijdag 24 mei 2024

Caligula's Horse - Poppodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer

Caligula's Horse

Voorprogramma: The Hirsch Effekt

vrijdag 24 mei 2024 - 20:00

Poppodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer

zaterdag 25 mei 2024

RanestRane - Poppodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer


zaterdag 25 mei 2024 - 20:00

Poppodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer

Infloyd - Dru Cultuurfabriek, Ulft


zaterdag 25 mei 2024 - 20:00

Dru Cultuurfabriek, Ulft

Caligula's Horse - Muziekgieterij, Maastricht

Caligula's Horse

Voorprogramma: The Hirsch Effekt

zaterdag 25 mei 2024 - 20:00

Muziekgieterij, Maastricht

Armed Cloud - Popei, Eindhoven

Armed Cloud

zaterdag 25 mei 2024 - 20:00

Popei, Eindhoven

zondag 26 mei 2024

The Boxx Orchestra - De Avenue, Breda

The Boxx Orchestra

zondag 26 mei 2024 - 15:00

De Avenue, Breda

Supersister - Mezz, Breda


zondag 26 mei 2024 - 20:00

Mezz, Breda

maandag 27 mei 2024

Tool - Ziggodome, Amsterdam


maandag 27 mei 2024 - 20:00

Ziggodome, Amsterdam

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