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Nieuwe Eloy in maart 2017

donderdag 13 oktober 2016

Nieuwe Eloy in maart 2017

In maart mogen we een nieuwe Eloy plaat verwachten :

Dear ELOY friends,

Following a long period renewed radio silence I'm happy to be able to inform you that following two years of intensive composition and lyric-writing on my part and constant parallel recording sessions with all the musicians the production for the first of the two albums of »The Vision The Sword & The Pyre« will soon be finished.

This obviously refers to my long-announced rock opera on the subject of Jeanne d´Arc, which is by far the most elaborate and ambitious that I've ever tackled, and one that has now been realised for the first time in a particular version with the band. The release of Part 1 (which alone contains around 1 hour of music!) is planned for march 2017.

The extremely time-consuming complete realisation of this complex project demanded another year of additional production time and forces us to release the work on two consecutive albums. Nevertheless, I'm convinced that this creative effort, in which the band once again performed at the best of their capabilities, has been worth it.

The stated goal is to serve you the absolute culmination of our musical creativity with this work. Even though I have penned the work exclusively, and it is to be presented as a spectacular stage version, there was no shortage of creative contributions from other band members. What awaits you then is a work with a sound absolutely typical for ELOY members with lots of surprises, and also a conceptual musical experience, which is sure to remind you of the many highlights of the band's long history.

Let yourself be surprised!

Faithfully yours,

Frank Bornemann


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donderdag 28 oktober 2021

Monomyth - Gebouw-T, Bergen op Zoom


donderdag 28 oktober 2021 - 19:30

Gebouw-T, Bergen op Zoom

€ 16,25 - koop kaarten

10cc - Muziekgebouw, Eindhoven


donderdag 28 oktober 2021 - 20:00

Muziekgebouw, Eindhoven

vrijdag 29 oktober 2021

Scarlet Stories - Willem Twee , Den Bosch

Scarlet Stories

Voorprogramma: Golden Caves

vrijdag 29 oktober 2021 - 20:00

Willem Twee , Den Bosch

Lazuli - Spirit Of 66, Verviers (B)


vrijdag 29 oktober 2021 - 20:00

Spirit Of 66, Verviers (B)

Supersister Projekt - de Pul, Uden

Supersister Projekt

vrijdag 29 oktober 2021 - 20:00

de Pul, Uden

Knight Area - Parkvilla, Alphen aan den Rijn

Knight Area

vrijdag 29 oktober 2021 - 20:00

Parkvilla, Alphen aan den Rijn

10cc - Amare, Den Haag


vrijdag 29 oktober 2021 - 20:00

Amare, Den Haag

zaterdag 30 oktober 2021

Lazuli - Cacaofabriek, Helmond


zaterdag 30 oktober 2021 - 20:00

Cacaofabriek, Helmond

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